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Kodama Duo

Kodama Duo are a London-based duo made up of violinist Nicole Petrus Barracks and pianist Maya Caskie, both 2021 graduates of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. They perform regularly across London for thousands of audience members across Candlelight Concerts, performance events, exhibitions and weddings to bring their exciting cross-genre sound, from beautiful reinterpretations of contemporary pop to cinematic favourites.

In Winter 2022, Kodama Duo performed in collaboration with artist Luke Jerram to bring the Mars Exhibition to The Morecambe Winter Gardens.


They performed a mixed repertoire of classical pieces and pop interpretations like David Bowie's Life on Mars underneath a huge glowing globe rotating overhead, surrounded by candlelight.


Kodama Duo also performs on a monthly basis for Fever's wildly popular Candlelight Concerts, bringing an hour-long set of Fleetwood Mac interpretations to huge audiences, delighting them with electrifying guitar solos on the violin and soaring, heartfelt piano ballads.

You can find tickets for their upcoming dates in February and March 2023 here:

Please send any enquiries about bookings for private or public events, weddings etc. to

We aim to respond to you within 48 hours!


Instagram: @kodamaduo



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